Alphalete Athletics

Alphalete Athletics

The Vision:

The Alphalete Athletics mantra - “Learn more, Dream More, Be More.”

Viral Visionaries was brought on to “Reach more.” What started out with digital strategy turned into a love for the art (our content) and the science (market research) in attracting the right audience for the Alphalete Athletics brand. The core of it all is to provide high quality lifestyle and active apparel to new customers.

The Result:

Mind blowing. Since starting our relationship, Alphalete Athletics broke records and numbers in every category during every new launch. The increase in traffic on launch days were over 100,000+ users. Female sales went up 17% and new customers became returning customers. At the end of the day, the Alphalete Athletics brand is more than just active lifestyle apparel. It’s a story that connects with everyone.